Trees as road hazards

On September 6, 2022 around 3 pm. my wife Jane’s car was struck by a falling tree on Leetes Island Road just south of Flat Rock Dr. The falling tree totally destroyed our car as she drove through it at 30 mph. She escaped serious injury and walked away from the accident scene. The passenger side was totally caved in, and if I’d been in the passenger seat, I would not be here.

The car can be seen with an aluminum pie plate on the hood. It had held my birthday desert that was on the passenger seat and thrown through the shattered windshield upon impact. Remnants of the dead tree protrude from the destroyed grille.

As of this moment, 10-8-2022, and after multiple attempts, the Town of Branford refuses to contact us – not the Tree Warden and not Public Works. Mr. Gary Zielinski where are you?

See Branford Fire Department photos below. Thanks go to Chief Mahoney.

More to follow!

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