The Creek Today and Yesterday

A recent southern view of the Creek along Thimble Islands Road, once known as Main Street and path of a 19th century trolley line. In the foreground is a modern home on the site of the former John Russell Homestead, circa 1820, also the site of the first fire house; then along the way, the Stony Creek Church of Christ Congregational, 1903, residing on the site of the former Foote Hotel, which burned in 1877. Continuing, the 1819 house built by Levi Frisbie, distant ancestor of William Russell Frisbie, past owner of the Bridgeport Frisbie Pie Company, whose pie plates became the modern Frisbie. To the left, at the end of the street, is the site of former Three Elms Hotel, 1854-1916, converted into an apartment building, and down the street around the turn, the Community House, home of the Stony Creek Fife and Drum Corps. At the end, the Stony Creek town dock, formerly Frink’s dock, late 19th century home of local oyster schooners, supplying a merchant housed on the current Madiera Park. And, of course, just off shore, a few of the 365 Thimble Islands … some ephemeral …. most with unique histories of their own, and all basking in the sunset.